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About Us

Besides comprehensive eye check-up for all age groups, Drishti also offers various multispecialty services:

Normally, the lens of the eye is clear and allows light rays to pass through easily. When a cataract develops, the lens becomes cloudy and opaque, and no longer transmits light. This results in gradual decrease in vision. Medication or change of glasses will not improve vision. Removal of the clouded lens by surgery and replacement by intra ocular lens (IOL) is the only treatment. IOL is a tiny transparent lens inserted in the eye during surgery. It stays permanently in eye and does not cause irritation. We are skilled in performing Phacoemulsification which is the latest and proven to be the best surgical technique for treating cataract. It takes 15-20 minutes to perform and is painless. It does not require stay at hospital. It needs small incision and no sutures. You can resume office work within 1 weeks time.

Medical Management: All cases of corneal ulcers and keratitis (mild to moderate) are first treatment with medications. Medications are meant to reduce the infection load, the inflammation, to improve symptoms and to initiate the corneal healing process. Very aggressive and intensive medical therapy is essential. The patient’s relative have properly understand the frequency of medications and instill the drops as per instructions. Careful scraping and identification of infectious agent (bacteria/fungi) is done and infection targeted therapy is started. The medications are given for a long duration for complete removal of infection/inflammation. Most cases respond to medical management dramatically. we strive to provide the best quality medications to our patients. Antibiotics are freshly prepared so that they have maximum potency. Surgical Options: Advanced and non-healing cases of corneal ulcer/keratitis generally require surgical line of management along with the medications. Also corneal tears do require closure of the tear with sutures.

Uvea is the middle layer of the eye. Infection or inflammation in this layer can cause blurring of vision and poses a long standing problem to the patient. Our consultants are specially trained in treatment of uveal diseases through medicines, injections, laser treatment and surgery.

Glaucoma is a group of disorders in which the pressure of fluid inside the eye gradually increases causing damage to optic nerve and permanent loss of vision. Most glaucomas remain asymptomatic until advanced stage. Only periodical check up by ophthalmologist will help in detection and treatment. The side vision goes down in stages and testing this (visual field ) is an essential part of management of this condition. We have the Humphreys field analyser which helps us document the visual field loss at each visit. Our consultants are specially trained in diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, both with medicines and when required, with surgery (Trabeculectomy).

Take a good look at your child while he/she is playing on watching a book/Tv and note if any of the follwing are present. Squeezing his/her eyes while looking at book/Tv/Toys. Tilting the head while talking, walking/ playing. Going to close to the book or tv. Recurrent eye pains, headaches. Avoids reading, colouring most of the time. Has bad handwriting at school. Eyes turning inwards/outwards. Difficulty in seeing in sunlight, bright light on the evening. Itching, watering.

Retinal damage due to diabetes and hypertension or retinal hole formation due to injury and high myopia are the main diseases which require laser treatment. Green laser is available at our hospital which has been proven to be highly effective for treatment of these conditions. After few years following cataract surgery, vision may appear blurred again. This may be due to formation of a membrane behind the lens. This can be treated using YAG laser (capsulotomy), which is also available with us. These procedures are painless and are performed on an outpatient basis .

In normal eye, light rays from an object focus on the retina. Refractive error is said to exist when light rays get focused in front or behind the retina causing blurred vision. Failure to correct this leads to decreased vision, headache, learning disabilities in children. Correction using spectacles or contact lenses are the safest and best technique available for treatment of this condition.

The pioneer in eye care with its 55 years of legacy, has its dedicated optical stores across India, with a focus on quality vision care. With products ranging from world renowned brands to the best known Indian makes, we have it all. Our dedicated team carefully analyses your optical need to offer perfect vision. Quality and service remain our prime focus. With more than a million satisfied customers, the numbers continue to grow. With all your support, it will reach greater heights in the days to come !!.

State of the art cataract surgery with multifocal lenses is offered for a spectacle free life. No injection technique (topical anaesthesia) is available for select patients.

The latest in corneal surgery where in only the damaged corneal layers are transplanted as in Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (DALK) and Endothelial Keratoplasty (EK) are performed here along with other services.

Comprehensive glaucoma testing and surgical services, squint and oculoplasty surgery services are also offered.

The complete range of refractive surgery is provided for freedom from glasses and contact lenses. This includes LASIK by Femtosecond Laser (Bladeless Lasik), Transepithelial Photorefractive Keratectomy and Implantable Collamer Lenses (ICL) for high powers.

An in-house optical centre and pharmacy offer a wide range of spectacles, contact lenses and eye medication.

We facilitate health insurance service for our surgery patients. We are recognized by the STATE GOVERNMENT and CGHS for enabling treatment to their beneficiaries and dependents.

Timings 9am to 8pm